Elon Musk has discussed putting all of Twitter behind a paywall




Friday brought massive layoffs to Twitter, Monday brought fresh evidence that the company will never be the same.



Elon Musk has discussed putting the entire site behind a paywall, Platformer has learned.




Meanwhile, the company is scrambling to lure back employees who it laid off mere hours ago, and some workers say the economics behind its soon-to-relaunch Twitter Blue subscription could actually lose the company money.





All of this took place against the backdrop of a company that still has yet to hear anything official from Musk, via email or a companywide meeting.




As Monday began, after losing thousands of their colleagues days earlier, many employees didn’t know who their managers are.





Meanwhile, Musk’s increasingly erratic leadership, coupled with his habit of tweeting in eye-watering bad taste, gave many current and former employees I spoke with a sinking feeling about the future of their company.



Today let’s talk a bit more about how the company botched its layoff process, what happened inside Twitter on Monday, and what that paywall might look like.


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