Emma Raducanu net worth: Tennis champion’s fortune soared overnight after US Open win



Emma Raducanu, 18, is a British professional tennis player and the current US Open Champion. Last week, she became the first British woman to earn the Grand Slam title in more than 40 years and as a result, she is set to receive millions of pounds. How much is Emma Raducanu now worth?



Emma Raducanu’s net worth
Emma Raducanu’s net worth is estimated to become $6million (£4.3million).



This is after the 2021 US Open win and the subsequent deals she has and will be signing.

Before the recent success, Emma had a net worth of below £100,000, but as the winner of the US Open she will be given £1.8million in prize money.



Compare that to Emma’s previous earnings which were only £215,000.

As for her popularity on social media, before the 2021 US Open final, Emma had only 25,000 followers on Instagram.



After winning against Leylah Fernandez, she won 1.2 million hearts within 24 hours and her follower count now sits at 1.8 million.


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