Tyson Fury’s ‘lies’ have been exposed in viral video




Tyson Fury has been called out for repeatedly lying in interviews in a series of viral videos.




The WBC world heavyweight champion has provided plenty of entertainment inside the ring and on the microphone.




However, the Gypsy King isn’t always one to tell the truth. He’s retired and unretired on so many occasions and you never know what to believe with him.




And the amount of lies told by Fury have been highlighted by @zeesthoughts, who has put together a seven-part series over on TikTok and garnered a whole lot of views in the process.





The very first lie is when Fury said he was in discussions with Conor McGregor over training him in MMA, though the Irishman completely debunked that when asked about it.





“I’ve never spoken to Tyson in my life” was the damning line from the Notorious.


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