Roger Federer reveals how his children reacted to retirement news



Before the final match of his professional career, Roger Federer revealed how his kids reacted when he told them that he wants to retire. “I told them the day before the letter was published. Of course, it all depends on how you present it.



If you say to some friends: ‘Hey, I’m leaving,’ the answer will be: ‘Awesome solution.’ But when you tell others, ‘I think I need to stop,’ everyone immediately starts crying. I told the kids that nothing much would change.



Recent years have brought us to this. Somewhere they were sad that I was stopping. But they always said, ‘Stop playing tennis, we want to go skiing.’ I told all four at the same time, and three of the four cried, ”Blick quotes Federer.



Federer and Mirka have two sets of twins:

Myla Rose Federer
Charlene Riva Federer
Leo Federer
Lenny Federer

What does Federer do together with his kids
In a long interview, Roger Federer revealed what activities he likes to do with his children in his spare time.




The Swiss Maestro told: “I haven’t taught my kids to play cards yet, but they’re already doing pretty well at Uno. During the pandemic, I spent two whole weeks with them building Harry Potter’s castle with Legos.



Then we set up a mini ping pong table and enjoyed playing together.” In a 2021 interview with Ringier, Roger Federer admitted that his four children were unaware of his enormous success until recent days. Roger Federer told this anecdote, saying: “For a long time, my four children had no idea what I had achieved during my tennis career.

It was their friends who revealed to them that I was number 1 in the world. They were literally speechless. My victories have never been an important topic at home.”


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