Iga Swiatek age, Nadal connection, pro tennis career and personal life details



A look at Iga Swiatek age, her admiration for Rafel Nadal, parents and her Round Four match at the French Open 2021 before her upcoming quarterfinal.




Iga Swiatek is headed to her French Open quarterfinals. The defending champion appears dominant once again, and could possibly clinch a consecutive Roland Garros title.



Here is a look at her performance at the current French Open, interactions about Rafael Nadal, and achievements at such a young age.




Swiatek faced a tough opponent in Kostyuk and won with no fans in attendance due to the COVID-19 curfew. “There were so many differences (from a day tennis match),” said Swiatek. “It was hard for me to adapt.




The light was really bright and I had to adjust, sometimes I was facing the lights when I had to smash, it was very hard”.




Swiatek admitted that Kostyuk’s defence had been “crazy”, and she struggled to finish points at times. “She was getting everywhere, so big bravo to her, she has a bright future ahead of her”.


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