Rafael Nadal stops practice to watch kid wildly celebrating catching shot



Rafael Nadal stopped one of his practice sessions for a few moments due to a kid that celebrated catching one of his shots in a very funny way.



During the practice session, Nadal shot the ball too forcefully toward his training partner Tomeu Salva, and it was intercepted by a two young fans in the bleachers.





The little fans enjoyed the moment a lot, which drew Rafael Nadal’s attention. The Spaniard couldn’t disguise his delight at the cute moment.


The moment, posted on Twitter, was recorded by one of Rafael Nadal’s fans.




“Very cute moment a week ago during an evening practice. Rafa was sending a ball to Tomeu but a little boy caught it and celebrated this moment with his friend in a very funny way.



Our hero couldn’t stop smiling after that!” said the author of the video.


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