The Saudi told Tiger Woods: You don’t want to fight against the Saudi regime!



It is common knowledge that athletes play an important role in many issues and that with their voice they can influence and change certain things. Yasser al-Khayat, a Saudi, is angry with Tiger Woods. The reason for this is the fact that Woods has never publicly raised his voice against the regime in Saudi Arabia.



Yasser al-Khayat’s brother was executed in March. “You said you oppose the tour out of loyalty to the PGA Tour and respect for golf’s history. I hope to persuade you to speak out against it as a matter of principle, by taking a stand against sportswashing.



My brother, Mustafa, was executed by the Saudi Arabian authorities for daring to ask for basic human rights that you enjoy in the USA. He was one of the 81 men killed in the largest mass execution in the country’s history earlier this year.



When Lewis Hamilton spoke up for the victims of Mohammed bin Salman’s repressive regime at this year’s Formula One race in Jeddah, he earned the enduring respect of every Saudi family that has been punished for wanting our people to live in a free country.




I ask you to raise your voice, in my brother’s name. Please do not let what happened to him be forgotten. ”- al-Khayat said, as quoted by

Jeed Basyouni
Jeed Basyouni, one of the fighters for human rights, emphasized why golfers do not want to talk about Saudi Arabia and the regime.




“When LIV golfers competed in Saudi Arabia recently, organisers made sure they didn’t have to answer any difficult questions.” – Basyouni said. “And when the winner gets $4 million and the last place finishers receive $120,000 just for turning up it’s easy to understand why nobody wants to rock the boat by mentioning human rights.”

He believes that the world must react urgently! “But the fact is, however hard they try to convince the world otherwise, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is still a place where children, non-violent drug offenders and people exercising their right to free speech are sentenced to death.

And each sporting event that projects the false image the Saudi authorities want the world to see, with no questions asked, makes the next mass execution more likely”.


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