‘So it begins’: Rafa’s Nadal’s brutal response to Nick Kyrgios act



A cheeky tactic from Nick Kyrgios was brutally shut down by Rafael Nadal in the opening set of the highly anticipated quarter-final showdown at Indian Wells.


The pair has somewhat of a chequered history, with Nadal labelling Kyrgios “disrespectful” in 2019 after losing to the Aussie at the Mexican Open.


Their spicy rivalry has turned ugly at times, with Kyrgios previously admitting to hitting a ball at Nadal on purpose.

Things also boiled over in Acapulco in 2019 when Nadal was riled by Kyrgios’ tactics and the crowd relentlessly booed the Aussie star.



Kyrgios also took aim at the way the Spaniard slowed down the match, and the length of time he took between points.

Not surprisingly, things were a little awkward between the pair even before they made their way onto court, having to share a golf cart to be transported to the stadium.




As is tradition at the tournament in the California desert, players are transported to the court in golf carts.

In highly awkward scenes, Kyrgios sat in the front of the cart while Nadal was riding on the back – looking away from his opponent.



The pair didn’t appear to share many words as they remained focused on the match, with minimal eye contact as well.

When things did get underway in the quarter-final clash between the pair, it didn’t take long for Kyrgios to provide one of the first big talking points.

Having taken an early break and up 40-0 on his own serve, the Aussie decided it was the ideal time to bring out what was become his customary underarm serve.

Nadal has bristled in the past when asked about his thoughts on the cheeky tactic, but the 21-time grand slam champion was clearly ready for Kyrgios to try it.

Showing lightning fast anticipation, Nadal raced forward and ripped a huge forehand winner down the line in a brutal response to Kyrgios’ serve.


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