Vibrant Glamour

The Power of the Vibrant Glamour


Lift Away the Years.

As your skin matures, you’ll want to show it some love by protecting it and rescuing it from the damage of the past. The Vibrant Glamor  Regimen is clinically shown to deliver these age-defying results:*

  • Reduced look of deep lines and wrinkles, and improved look of wrinkle severity
  • Lifted appearance is restored
  • Improved skin firmness and elasticity
  • Enhanced appearance of skin clarity
  • Improved overall appearance

The Power of the Vibrant Glamour


A Biomimetic Peptide
Helps support skin’s natural processes** to help improve the appearance of sagging and wrinkles. 

A Skin Volume-Supporting Peptide
Helps maintain natural hyaluronic acid,** a vital component of skin that plays a role in helping maintain youthful-looking volume and lift.

Plant Stem Cells 
Derived from gotu kola to help support the natural framework of the skin.**

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Yeast fermentation lysate filtrate, cetearyl alcohol, cy•clomethicone, tvventy carbon six Eleic acid, tocopherol acetate, retinyl acetate, Aloe barley (ALOE . BARBADENSIS) leaf extract , oat (AVENA SATIVA) extract, ß-glucan, hydrolysis Cichlid skin protein, bisabolol, tocopherol (vitamin E), sodium hyaluronate

[ PRODUCT EFFICACY ] The Six Peptides Activated Essence can help to repair the skin, effectively solve the tired complexion, increase the elasticity and tightness of the skin, quickly brighten the skin tone. Provides women with radiant looking without knowing your age.


Suitable for various skin Wpes




This is Bimbo’s story


I found that that most people like lies and are impatient to see results. I lost my husband in December 2018 and as you would imagine, it was a devastating time for me and my children. I am a civil servant and I live in Lagos. The death of my husband traumatized me so much and it seriously affected me indeed. I didn’t even care about how I looked anymore. I was on compassionate leave from work to morn my Husband. By the time I was resuming work, anybody who didn’t know about my loss could already pick that something was wrong and some will even make comments that I am looking older. After a long time that my friends would come around to console me I was getting better and better but I still wasn’t looking my best. One day Sola my very good friend came to see me and she brought with her cosmetics and creams and said she was giving me as gift that it will definitely boost my confidence when I start to see the results.  Out of all the creams I noticed that Vibrant Glamour worked the best. The container was really small so it finished on time and I had to get another one. That’s when I asked to contact this store to purchase the cream. I am very grateful to my friend for helping me out of my traumatized state and also for exposing me to Vibrant Glamour. I’m really grateful to this store for making it available for all.

I feel great now after about 4 weeks of using it and I came back for more. I highly recommend!

Abimbola- Lagos.

Lucy from Eket

Vibrant Glamour

How much is it I hear you ask

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