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How to save over N1,000,000 on your next car purchase.

Have you ever tried to buy a car in Nigeria and felt that it should be cheaper?

Of course, you will consider it. This is because Nigerians have found the habit of inflating prices so much that it becomes outrageous to buy foreign used. It will surprise you to find out that This Nissan Rogue 2008 sells on for 3.4m.

Nissan 2008

1.2 M+

Saved on purchase

We imported for NGN 2.5m That is about 1m difference 

I won’t advise you to import these cars yourself at first because it requires a wealth of experience.

So you don’t get burned. The reason is that if you don’t know the nitty-gritty of car importation, a lot can go wrong.

This is why I have put most of what I learnt in a free report for well-meaning Nigerians to use.

Unfortunately, if everyone has access to this, it will create an oversupply in the market

So I have decided to give it to only 25 people.

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What you see is different from what you want

Nigerian Used Saga

To think that when someone sells you anything in Nigeria, it’s hard to trust what they say about the condition of the car, especially if it’s Nigerian used.

Most Nigerian used vehicles are trouble. You cross your heart when you’re buying. Hoping you’re not getting ripped off your hard-earned money.

Unfortunately more times than not the case, you are getting ripped off. For example. Someone I know who had a Toyota Corolla 2004 after spending N70,000 on fixing the engine, sold his car for 1.3m.

Originally, when this person buys the car, it will work in perfect condition. But say 4 months into owning this car, he will think he signed up for hell without knowing.

At that point, if no one can tell him what happened to his engine, He is going to think the problem came from him.

Then he will struggle with the car until he too sells it.

Perhaps sell to you.

See how it goes?

What you want is foreign used but…

Tokunbo Best choice

Now your best approach you will expect people to go for foreign used cars.

Now, this is the very best option to attempt and will be the centre of what our entire business is about.

Buying foreign used is always better because you’re buying from users who bought their cars brand new and have used it in good condition under enforced laws and properly planned road networks.

So even when someone abroad has used their car for 10 years, it will still look as good as new.


Challenges with buying foreign used are a range

Where to buy from.

Europe? Canada? Or the US?

Or better still, buying from dealers in showrooms, buying from dealers on Jiji. ng?


Where do you buy foreign used?

All these questions are answered in the report you can download for free.

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Furthermore, one major problem.

The number one reason you’re here…

Price! Cost!

How do you buy foreign used cheaper than the market price?

This is the thing.

Already, your favourite car dealer buys your car and adds more than a 50 percent increase.

So when he buys a 2008 Nissan Rogue for 2.5m

He will sell at 3.3m on

And if he drops the car at a dealer showroom, this dealer might sell for as high as N3.8m to cover his own profit as well.

Do you see how it goes?

So basically, your best option is cut off the middle man and buy straight from the source.


This source is not a tightly guarded secret.

I say this because, at the moment, everyone believes the business must be profitable so it creates hyper supply.

When every Tom Dick and Harry is importing cars, it creates stiff competition in the market.

So it’s not like people don’t know what I’m going to share with you.

The difference is in the experience of the business.

What do I mean by this?


To put it simply, when you search on Jiji or you visit a showroom dealer you buy what you see at an outrageous expense rate. But not what you want.

As simple as this may sound, it makes all the difference in the world.

This is because what you see most times is not what you get.

With untrustworthy sellers, seeing is not always believing.

If they say, the car is not accidental. If it is, there’s no way you’d know.

You have to believe what they say, however, I double down in this report showing you step by step the process of getting what you want to fit your budget.

Something you can buy that will give you peace of mind.

Giving you the information creates more competition for our brand.

So, why would I want to share this information if I know it creates competition for me?

The answer is simple.

First of all, tell me someone you know who buys a cheap Nigerian used that has peace of mind? Rarely anyone.

Now tell me, would you prefer to buy a foreign used car that you don’t know the genesis and is at least 1, 00,000 more expensive?

I think we both know that answer. Secondly,

I’m doing it for me.

Let me explain what I mean with an analogy.

Basically, the reason you pay a doctor for his crucial job is that he knows what you don’t know about your body and has certain qualifications that verify him a professional in his field.

Now. There’s med school, the textbooks are everywhere

But only people who show interest bother about reading them.

Doctors who write the texts books aren’t worried about how many doctors there are, they are more concerned about preserving the wealth of knowledge they have to pass it down to make doctors perform better.

It only helps the practice when more people tell people about how it’s done so they can do it themselves to avoid getting burned.

Moreso, they make a lot of money from practising and consulting as well.

However, even though I give out this precious info, not everyone will use it. But most people will see that I know what I’m talking about and might choose to buy cars through me instead of importing them themselves.

Only that they now know how I do it.

Which is transparency for everyone involved.

With the methods, I share in the report,

So without further ado, this is what you will learn in this report

Please note, you cannot find this information anywhere in the world.

It is unique to the Nigerian climate.

This is the report outline

1. How to ship any car within 6 weeks through container and ro-ro with cost-effective procedures

2. Best clearing process to avoid getting scammed and prevent custom problems with “Alert” fake documents.

3. The best port to ship to in Lagos how to avoid (Apapa gridlock)

4. How to buy clean title cars abroad with no issues for a ridiculously low cost.

5. How to spot clean titles

6. Common mistakes to avoid

7. Best websites to bid

8. How to bid

9. How to pay for bids won (why you should never use credit/debit cards)

10. The economics of car dealing (supply outnumber demand)

11. What you see from what you want in cars (spot the difference)

12. The entire car import circle

13. How to make money from car importation without capital. (exclusive)

14. How to get the best dealer (my mentor) to import on your behalf.

There are only a few slots.

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This is the start of something big in your life.

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Imagine finally driving the car of your dreams with so much peace of mind?

Or starting a small business with the Information you find here?

Or the fact that you can save as much as 1m on your next purchase, what world of difference would it make?

This report is worth at least 1m in its self.

Because you only pay 1m once. But you have the information for life.

Well, if I decide to charge 150k it’s still worth it.

It’s sold at a discount of N50,000.

But you get it for free today. Honestly feel like changing my mind about this. You might come back tomorrow and be unable to get it.

Take action now or it might be too late

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