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First of all understand this.

Rich people sell!


You have to sell something to be rich.

What you sell will be discussed later but get this

The reason you do not have money in your pocket is because you haven’t sold anything

Or you are not selling enough of something people want.

Why is Dangote rich?

Because he sells cement, sugar, pasta etc…

Why is Otedola rich?

Because he sells Oil

Why is Tony Elumelu rich?

Because he sells financial assurance.

Why is Mike Adenuga rich?

Because he sells Communication

Why is Akin Alabi rich?

Because he owns Naira Bet.

I think you get the point!

Sell sell sell sell sell!!!

In truth, every day we all sell something.

When you trade your time at the office, you sell your time for a credit alert at the end of the month.

When you are with your spouse and you are having a good time instead of reading the news, you are trading your time for something else.

So big question, how come we think we do not know how to sell?

Because nobody teaches it in school.

You see apart from the fact that selling is basic human instinct most people are weak with it. That is why selling need to be taught.

What should you sell?

Big question! The answer?

Sell what people want! Finish.

If you try to force someone to buy what they are not interested in you will be wasting your time.

Imagine that you have just finished from work and you are driving home in heavy traffic. You are very hungry and you need to eat something quickly. But you are stuck in traffic in Lagos. Well you can look out for vendors hawking quick snacks. All you want is to buy 2 Gala and a cold coke drink with water dripping from the bottle. A vendor comes to your window and is showing you men’s black leather belts. You ignore him. The traffic is a standstill and nobody is moving. You are getting more hungry and uncomfortable. So you look out again hoping to see someone pass with your cold coke drink and 2 Gala for a start. Finally someone passes by carrying it and with a deep relief you don’t hesitate to buy immediately. Now think about it, why didn’t you buy the Men’s leather belt? Because you didn’t want it. Period.

It’s the same in anything you sell. Sell what people want.

Why sell online?

With the internet selling has become even more effortless.

Never in the history of mankind has selling been this easy.

Yes! Because now from the comfort of your home you can sell anything to anyone without owning a shop, office etc.

You know the most amazing part? You can sell to millions at once for the price of one! Now that is what makes the internet special. If you have a shop in Oshodi you can only sell to people in Oshodi. But if you start an online business in oshodi, you can sell to the whole world!

That is the best benefit to selling any online .

So what are you selling?

There are several things you can sell in truth. You can sell physical products by starting mini importation business, sell your service as a Lawyer, Accountant etc.

But the overall best is to sell information! Yes you heard me! Think about this for a second. Why do you think people say we are in the information age?  Because that’s where we are. If you do not know something today, it is not an excuse because you have the information on your fingertips when you search on google! Yes

So the truth is, people always want to get better at something.

That is why selling them the solution can make you rich! This solutions are called (Digital products!)

What is a Digital Product?

It is called “digital” because you cannot touch it! It’s not tangible

Do you know the striking benefits?

You do not need to keep inventory!

Unlike selling clothes, shoes, electronics etc, where you have to keep stock, you only need to sell information that people want. It can be in the form of an e-book, videos, or audio.

See it this way. When you download a movie to your phone to watch it is it physical? No!

It’s the same with selling digital products online.

It is usually information that is not easily available. It is mostly information that solve a problem for someone.

For example. People who want to relocate to Canada but do not know how. Victor Jegede created an online course to teach people step by step how to relocate to Canada from Nigeria without the aids of any travel agent or agency. Isn’t that amazing? People buy that product like a cure for a deadly epidemic.

Digital products are not physical and does not require you to keep inventory or restock because it doesn’t finish. You have no expenses and you do not have to stay in one place or tie your money down! So you can travel with your laptop to Dubai and work from there without having to worry about thieves invading your shop or worry about your yam spoiling. Isn’t that just amazing?

Interestingly, you do not have to create any new product. Just sell what others have created for a juicy commission! More on this later

How profitable is it?

Statistics show that the infoprenuers make this much every year

If you can sell a digital product to the people who want it you will be rich.

So you need to know where to find those people and how to sell to them

When can you start this amazing business???

Right now! But wait, not so fast, there is something you still need to know!

What is that? How do you start? It is a business you are completely new to.

You know, everybody is first a baby before becoming an adult.

Every child needs a guardian. Every successful person has a mentor!

Most people struggle today because they think they can do it alone.

It can be very costly if you try to do it alone. You might not even achieve what you want.

But if you learn from a mentor how to do anything, your growth will be fast and exponential.

It is easier that way. This is how you can make your first million before 2020!

That being said, let me introduce you to the demi-god of online marketing and my mentor

My boss, business coach & my role model >>> Toyin Omotoso.

I have never seen anybody as detailed as Toyin! Mr Toyin is a very notable digital marketing consultant in Nigeria. In the online marketing world is a father to most of us.

Why do I speak so highly of him? Well put it this way. Everything I am now as an infoprenuer I learnt from him.  Just like the many other affiliates under his tutelage who have made millions following his step by step course on how to successfully sell digital products for profit!

He has a 45 minute introductory detailed video on how you can achieve the same.

Watch it >>> https://borealit.com/72hr

I will leave you with this.

We are exposed to opportunities every day, the question is, when you are faced with one, will you recognize it?

Ayodeji Olumose

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