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This skid is approved. Getting approval can be a headache but you don’t have to worry about it. The approval is valid in all states in Nigeria

I’m saying this because it took me so much time and money to get the skid  approved

This is because the government body in charge of this makes it difficult. Asking for bribes and inflated charges.


So you need a very busy place like where it is located in Apete garage Ibadan.

  • It’s a market area, stand there for five minutes any time of the day and you will count nothing less of 500 people at once. It’s very busy.
  • In less than a year you’re likely to make more than 350k in net profit a month in that place.
  • You can also cross-sell other things like accessories, quick snacks, POS withdrawals and some other doable solutions with it.

And if you only have plans to move the skid. You should find somewhere closely related to this place.

  • If you’re buying to resell it’s also a good deal for you because the tank has contained gas in it for 2 years without leaking and wastage. It will save you the headache of buying a new tank and paying for testing.

Unfortunately for me. I no longer have the time to manage my plant.

I’m now into other business models that don’t require my physical appearance often.

Pricing; 2.8m

What you are getting

  1. 2.5 tons skid
  2. Canopy
  3. wire mesh
  4. Working dispenser
  5. Scale

Instead of paying N4,500,000, you will only pay N2,850,000 non-negotiable. call 08083583967 for more info

By now, if you are in the business of buying and selling LPG tanks, you know how much of a great deal this is, well if that is you, jump on board right away before someone else steals your opportunity.

At this price, if you are the lucky buyer, you can resell for a higher price and you’d make a good profit.

If you miss the inspection, you are guaranteed to have missed the opportunity to buy the skid.

You can sell and earn

If you know someone who wants to buy, get them to buy within 7 days and earn N150,000k clean. 

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Ibadan, Oyo

Location : Romkol Global Filling Station Ibadan, Apete Ibadan, Oyo, Nigeria.
Size: 2.5 ton
Extra: Automatic digital nozzle Dispenser
Traffic: moderate
Asking price: N2.550m non-negotiable



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