Why I Have Heels I Can’t Wear

Why I Have Heels I Can’t Wear

My sister, 

Have you ever looked at your shoes in your closet and feel unfortunate? Lol, you are not alone my dear. 

Imagine a situation where you have pairs stacked up that you cannot wear because of how uncomfortable the pains can make you feel?

I feel those aches in front of my toes, beneath my feet and behind my leg, the Achilles Tendon.

The discomfort can be unbearable. That is how a pair of heels I ordered from Turkey arrived. I paid N25k for the shoe, I have never paid that much before so it was a big deal for me. Only for me to find out that the heel was too high. I was almost crying. Almost 6 inches fa!

For the fact that this one will join the rest of my other shoes in my closet didn’t make me feel any better. What a museum of a closet I have. 

I know a friend who has a gallery of heel shoes but she doesn’t wear them because they feel very uncomfortable after a short period. So she rather goes on courts or sandals. When you’re size 42 plus wide and high, you’re definitely gonna have a problem with shoes in general.

She was giving me the gist recently of how was she was planning for a job interview. She said she knows that wearing heels does make you look smart and presentable, but hey, that seriously uncomfortable feeling can make your interviewer sense that you’re nervous because of the expression you will subconsciously exhibit. They will not come close to imagine that it’s because of the pain you’re feeling in your legs.

Well you know just like everyone else feeling uncomfortable in situations like this, my friend tried to get help. On her small quest to find a solution to wearing her heels to the interview looking smart, presentable and comfortable, these are some of the things she discovered and she shared with me that I really found useful.

For example, the big toe represents the head; the inner sides of the feet are the spine. Walk your fingers along the bottom of each foot, and you’ll find the breasts, lungs, diaphragm and vital organs. The more than 7,000 nerve endings in the feet, reflexologists say, can be touched for relief or stimulation to tap into a particular part of the body.

Vernon trained in reflexology through the International Institute of Reflexology in St. Petersburg, Fla., and has been practising since 1996.

lol… okay “Vernon” is a name of  a person

Vernon presses her thumb along the foot to give the needed pressure for the massage.

“It’s interesting because while feet are the critical foundation supporting the body, they usually get very little attention,” Vernon says. “Be kind to them, and you can do a lot to help your whole body.

Another Lawrence reflexology provider, Kristii Adrian, owns Bodyworks Downtown, 13 E. Eighth St., which opened in 2000. She concurs with the potential healing powers of strategically massaging the feet.

“Everybody loves having their feet rubbed, but they may not know why,” Adrian says. “Every part of the bottom of the foot corresponds to different parts of the body, so in theory, having your feet worked is like having your whole body worked.”

It now makes sense why one feels heavily discomforted when you feel pain in your feet. knowing now that my feet are connected to my vital organs I decided to take what she was telling me seriously, so I listen closely to what she had to say next.

Miraculously! she exclaimed, I was just playing a game on my phone when I saw an advert about this foot insoles that can help eradicate the pain completely, I was interested so I read through the post. 

The company was selling one pair for N5500, but they were doing a giveaway bonus at N4,000 for two pairs. They said I should only pay after I placed my order so without a single doubt! I placed an order.

A few days later DHL was knocking on my gate to deliver my parcel, I was like wow, they even use DHL to deliver! I didn’t even pay for delivery because it was free. I signed and opened the product.

The product came with a beautifully written letter from the company that I found to be very thoughtful and of course these foot insoles plus shoe fillers. The shoe fillers can help pad the inner front of the shoe so you don’t feel pain in your toes. They sent me this for free, how thoughtful she said.

My friend said she didn’t even pay cash because the despatch rider wouldn’t collect the money. He said he has instructions not to. I have never seen anything like it. You mean somebody can trust another person without seeing them? Amazing!  She said she was given an option to pay with her card online or make a transfer.

she conveniently made a transfer and it was confirmed within munites.

What do you think happened at the interview she asked me, my dear, I aced it! She quickly replied. I now work at the project managing unit and I resumed last week Monday rocking my heels like I was wearing flats.

You know some ladies. When it’s obvious that you don’t look like you’re dying wearing shoes like that, they start indirectly asking you questions.

I will simply refer them to 

Tested and trusted.

When she finished, I am sure you are already thinking ahead about what I did too. Kia kia! I went and ordered my own! No time!

And just as she described, for the first time in 3 years wearing my shoes to work every day, I actually feel relieved of pain because the insoles soften your landing when you walk.

I bought two pairs for N4,500 that’s N500 more than what my friend paid for. Even at that, it was still worth every dime I spent. 

  • Free and Fast DHL delivery
  • Nice packaging
  • Fantastic customer service.
  • Free shoe fillers 
  • Pay on Delivery
  • 1-year guarantee 
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee

A few days after purchase I got a call from them asking me if I found the product useful, I was more than happy to give a 5-star review! 

If you also need to ease yourself of discomfort, you should try these guys, they are really good at what they do. Please hurry so you don’t have to spend 10k for two pairs.

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I wish you happiness! 

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