The Ultimate Guide To Moving To Canada With A low IELTS Score 

No proof of funds required

 The home care provider/support worker route

 The step by step (do-it-yourself) manual on how to relocate to Canada if you have a low IELTS score, or low funds. But have the willpower the tenacity and sincere desire to move you and your family to Canada


passport resized

12 Reasons Why You Need This Guide

  • How to get a job Canada
  • How to outline your resume for Canadian employers with sample cover letters and resume
  • You will learn how to use LinkedIn to get recruiters coming for you
  • Recruiters who are willing to hire and even sponsor your entire trip to Canada, you will get all of this on special website I will reveal to you
  • Get your educational credential evaluators:
  • Earning clb-5 in your IELTS exam
  • I will give you a training manual or an EFT for passing the IELTS
  • Getting your medical report and police certificate.
  • Submitting a work permit application and a permanent resident application
  • What to do after you submit the work permit and permanent residency application

  • How do you track your status?

  • How do you submit biometrics this is what I would elucidate for preparing for Life in Canada

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