Roger Federer’s son ‘getting serious’ about tennis and makes Wimbledon request

Roger Federer has revealed that his son Leo is ‘getting serious’ about tennis and that his four children all ask about visiting Wimbledon again. The tennis icon’s children travelled around the world to watch him play during his glittering career.

Despite being a sporting great, Federer insists that he places no pressure on his children to follow in his footsteps. In fact, he says he is ‘relieved’ that his older girls took little interest in tennis.

Federer has two sets of twins, older girls Myla and Charlene, and boys Leo and Lenny. It is Leo, 10, who has apparently shown the most interest in playing tennis. The boys also enjoy football, while Lenny has shown his creative skills.

“No, I never pushed my kids into it,” Federer told People.

“They do play tennis, and we ski, and we’re all learning to golf. We recently tried scuba diving. But the girls were never passionate about tennis, and I was relieved about it.

“The boys love their soccer. Leo is starting to show interest in getting serious about tennis. Lenny is much more creative, he’s very into drawing, reading.”

Federer also opened up on being able to spend more time with his children following his retirement nearly two years ago. The Swiss star said that his children have started to ask about visiting Wimbledon for the Championships.

“I get to connect with the kids again over their sports and homework,” Federer said. “It’s a very vital time for me to be around them, to help them and guide them and obviously let them fly on their own as well.


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