‘Time to Fire Daddy’: Fed-Up Justin Thomas Fans Demand Urgent Changes as His U.S. Open Excuses Go Ignored

Justin Thomas is searching for answers to his trophyless form. The 15-time PGA Tour winner started his 2024 season with two back-to-back top-10 positions. But things went downhill from there. So far, Thomas has missed cuts at three tournaments, including the Masters. But he displayed a glimpse of a comeback at the PGA Championship when he clinched a strong T-8 finish.



However, in the third major, the U.S. Open, the two-time major winner’s performance raised questions among the golf community. The 31-year-old failed to make the cut at a tough Pinehurst No. 2. He had to pack his bag after he scored 77 and 74 on a par 70 course on Thursday and Friday. He came out on social media to share his honest review of his attempt. But failed to earn a lot of sympathy from fans.



Justin Thomas acknowledged on Instagram his disappointing play at the tournament, resulting in a finish earlier than he had wanted. Reflecting on his 11 over par 140 show, he also highlighted his iron play as the worst this time, despite his other bad plays this season. “Pinehurst is such a tough test; I’m not sure I’ve played a place where you have to be more precise and disciplined. Onward!” Thomas said this while also appreciating the toughness of the golf course.





Despite the setback, he remains determined and ready to move forward to the next challenge. The majority of fans liked the transparency he showed in his words, however, some enthusiasts showed him no consolation, while some advised the 31-year-old professional with their insights.

How did fans react to Justin Thomas’s play with sharp criticism and sarcasm?

Some frustrated fans expressed their disappointment bluntly, “Play better golf 😂😂😂” and “You turned into a joke” reflecting the high expectations placed on Thomas and the perceived decline in his performance. The stark critique, “Bro’s game is CHALKED” suggests a belief that Thomas’s game is irreparably damaged, while “You stink every week ffs. This isn’t news bro! 😂” Points to the dissatisfaction with his recent performances, with his last PGA Tour win being the 2022 PGA Championship.




Adding to the criticism, another fan focused on Thomas’s putting, stating, “Iron play?? What about your putting? Were the greens really that hard to read? Senior women can putt 3, 4, and 5-foot putts in the hole. Go back to the Scotty Cameron. Plus, if you’re unsure, have your caddy look at the read as well.” Also suggesting him to revert to a familiar putter. One fan followed with a comment, “Time to fire daddy” JT’s father, Mike Thomas has been his primary coach, and under his guidance, he has won 15 times on the Tour, and even became the world’s number one golfer. As per the fan, JT now needs to find a new coach.


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