‘Was Red as a Tomato’: Nelly Korda Shudders With Embarrassment, Looking Back at the Fangirl Moment With Her Idol

There is nothing more satisfying than meeting with your idol and if your idol is the GOAT himself, then it becomes extra special. The same is the case with the world’s number one women golfer, Nelly Korda, who got to meet with her idol, Tiger Woods during the PNC Championship 2021. In an interview with Golf Digest, she shyly revisited how her first meeting with Woods went. She remembered that it was so exciting for her but at the same time, she felt super nervous.




‘Dream came true’ for Nelly Korda
Korda was way too shy to talk to Woods. So, she approached him indirectly through a mutual contact. In the interview, she remembered, “When I came up to Tiger was after our first round. I texted JT the day before and I was like I really really want a photo with Tiger.” Korda further added that she asked Justin Thomas, who was in the group with the Woods during the first round, “When do you think would be the best time to ask him.” She giggled after saying out his response which was kind of obvious, “He said I think after the round.”





Further adding to her first encounter with Woods, she said that she was really shy and didn’t want to disturb him. However, she gathered the courage after the first round and approached him, Woods greeted Korda in a pretty friendly manner. “YO”, he said. “Would I be able to take a photo with you?” asked Korda.




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The conversation went after the photo-clicking as Woods asked Korda and her father, “What did you guys do today? Do good?” Her dad replied with a single word, “63.” But Korda didn’t want her dad to feel bad, so she added enthusiastically, “He did make a birdie all by himself on number 2.”




Nelly Korda can never forget how she felt after the meeting that she had yearned for so long. She recounted that Tiger Woods was so nice to her and her dad but “I was so red like I was red as a tomato.” Although the world number got what she wanted at that time, she feels embarrassed whenever her eye catches that video playing. Korda’s obsession with the GOAT and his game has been for ages.




Korda has always been a fangirl
Korda has always been a huge fan of Tiger Woods. After the 2021 PNC Championship’s conclusion, she said, “No, I got to meet my idol growing up. I met him at the dinner the night prior. But it’s been such a cool experience. I got to talk to him on the putting green before I went out today (Sunday) and I was just starstruck.” after meeting Woods. She further added, “It’s really cool what he’s done for the game and I just appreciate it,” emphasizing the contribution Tiger Woods has made to the game of golf in his professional career spanning almost 3 decades.


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