‘Prison Haircut’, ‘Jailhouse Fade’: Scottie Scheffler Sparks Backlash From Golf World Over Bizarre New Look

Golfer hairstyles have transformed over time. Before a competition, every athlete tends to get a new haircut, and golf is not far from that. The main goal is to look good and have confidence in oneself before competing worldwide. Fans always look up to their favorite golf idols for their fashion sense, whether it is in the form of attire or appearance. But sometimes it backfires and creates a buzz of its own. Yes! This time it was Scottie Scheffler who was exiting fans with his haircut.




Arguably one of the biggest hitters of all time. He has 11 PGA Tour victories, of which 5 he won, during this season. Despite his form of life, the World Number One golfer had some jail time due to a “misunderstanding” as he has spoken of previously. Surprisingly, he came out with a clean chit. But as he arrived at Pinehurst No. 2 for the infamous U.S. Open tournament, his fresh haircut became a new infamous laughingstock.






Scottie received his haircut from Monti, the barber at Pinehurst Golf Course. Monti, known for his excellent work, has also shared photos with several other players this week, including Tiger Woods. It highlights his reputation as a trusted barber. However, the two-time major champion with a notable high-and-tight style turned heads on Thursday.




Moreover, this reminds a similar incident in which Jordan Spieth was the main man. While waiting for his third-round tee time during the 2018 British Open, Spieth wandered into a barber shop in Carnoustie for a haircut. “I don’t even know where I went, and the hairdresser went a little high and tight,” Spieth said. He ended up with a very British cut-shaved side and longer on top. “It’s summertime now, so it works out.”




In his quest for a trim, Spieth accidentally got a British makeover, bringing strange remarks from fans. The golfer is still teased for the cut of his lifetime that he would regret. But how do fans react to Scheffler’s new look? Let us get to that.

How Golf X pounced with plenty of jokes about Scottie Scheffler’s new do?
One X user humorously questioned, “Did a blind man, with no arms cut Scottie’s hair?”




A group of users made hilarious speculations on Scheffler’s new haircut. One stated, “New baby in the house, can’t afford luxuries anymore. Wife has to cut his hair now.” Another commented in a sarcastic tone, “Times are tough. Meredith put him on a budget and he went Groupon,” suggesting that Scheffler might be cutting back on expenses and letting his wife Meredith take on barber duties.


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