Not 6-Peat or a Major, Nelly Korda’s No.1 Achievement Is Something Else; Latest Confession Reveals Humble Truth

Nelly Korda had a strong start to the year with five consecutive wins, including the major Chevron Championship. After two tournament breaks, she secured her sixth title at the Mizuho Americas Open. However, Korda faced a setback at the 2024 US Women’s Open. How have these highs and lows impacted the golfer thus far?




The disastrous first round made all the difference at the US Women’s Open, and she couldn’t recover, finishing 8-over par overall after two days of play. Consequently, she missed the cut and had to head home early. The 25-year-old is now back at the Meijer LPGA Classic, an event she won in 2021.




However, rather than letting her experience at the Lancaster Club get her down, the world’s #1 golfer reflected on her 2024 journey so far. During the press conference ahead of the first round of the 2024 Meijer LPGA Classic, the world No. 1 was asked, “Just looking at this season alone, what do you feel has been your biggest area of growth personally through it all?”




The 25-year-old did not mention the records she broke or the trophies she won, but instead, she gave an introspective answer: “Personally, I think mentally I’ve just grown the most. Korda highlighted the contribution of her swing coach, Jamie Mulligan, who helped her grow as a golfer and helped her navigate various facets of golf. “Having Jamie in my corner as well. He’s helps me a lot in my game, but he has helped me a lot mentally as well playing in the weather I’ve played in and everything that I’ve kind of gone through this year.”





Apr 21, 2024; The Woodlands, Texas, USA; Nelly Korda (USA) hugs her caddies after winning The Chevron Championship golf tournament. Mandatory Credit: Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports




Nelly Korda’s humble nature once again shone through when she credited her team for her achievements and her preparations for the 2024 Meijer LPGA Classic. “My team plays a very big aspect in that. They travel with me week in, week out, and I’m very grateful for them, getting to live this life with them. They kind of keep me grounded.” As she sets her sights on her seventh title of the season at Blythefield Country Club, will Korda employ the same approach as in 2021? She won’t!




What’s Nelly Korda’s new approach for the Meijer LPGA Classic?

When asked about her preparation for the tournament and if she reflected on what led to her previous championship win, Korda emphasized that relying on the same approach might not be beneficial over time. She said, “No, I mean, you try not to kind of compare. I think it’s very bad because, one, the course conditions can be different, the weather can be different.”




While explaining why it’s not advisable to stick to the same approach every time, the golfer suggested that it might be more effective to focus on embracing one’s current abilities and taking each step as it comes. She elaborated, “There is a lot of variables that can play a part. In year it’s just different. So when you compare, it’s never going to kind of turn out the way you want it to be.” It will be interesting to see how Nelly Korda applies her mental strength and new approach to win the tournament. Do you believe the 25-year-old can win this week? Share your


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