“This Freaks Me Out’: Amid Brooks Koepka’s LIV Golf Jeddah Preparations, Jena Sims Exposes a Bizarre Online Discovery

Model and influencer Jena Sims has been accompanying her husband, Brooks Koepka, in most of his games. These adventures included the Ryder Cup, which recently concluded in Italy. The US team faced a hard-hitting defeat, but Koepka is now ready to move on.

With the LIV Jeddah event all set to happen in a week’s time, the couple is probably planning to fly to Saudi Arabia together for the same. Although Sims’ recent social media post doesn’t exactly talk about this trip, it subtly suggests the possibility.

What is Jena Sims planning?
Jena Sims recently posted a story on her Instagram handle, where she posted a screenshot from a website. It makes a comparison between two photographs of baby Halloween costumes. But there is a twist there. One of these photos is of an actual baby wearing a cute red crab outfit. Another is of a grown person wearing an outfit that typically babies wear.

The text on the picture reads, ‘You search for ‘baby’ could two ways.’ Sims wrote near that text, “Yes, it could.” She also wrote in the story “This freaks me out a little lol” near the adult baby costume.

With Halloween coming up later in the month, is Jena Sims expecting a busy travel week ahead? Is that why she is already looking for baby costumes, for her newborn baby? Well, it might be a bit of a stretch, but it seems possible. Especially with Brooks Koepka not being at the top of his form recently.

Although Brooks Koepka performed reasonably well in the Ryder Cup, his form has not been exceptionally well in recent months. His LIV season has been a bit underwhelming as well. A couple of months back, his team suffered a feud as well.

Let’s look at his stats for the 2023 season with LIV, and how he has done so far.

Brooks Koepka’s LIV Golf stats and form ahead of Jeddah
Brooks Koepka captains the Smash GC team in the LIV Golf Series, and this season hasn’t been kind to his team. Of the 12 teams playing the season, his team stands in the 8th position. With only two events left out of the 14 total number of events, the team really needs to perform well in the upcoming Jeddah event.

Individually, Koepka has done comparatively better than his team’s collective performance. He has scored 112 points this season so far and stands in fifth position. Ironically, these rankings are a reversal of the previous season’s final ranks. Last year, the team finished 5th and Brooks Koepka finished 8th in the season.


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