Rebecca Loos has surprising reaction to latest David Beckham affair speculation

Rebecca Loos has responded to comments after finding herself facing fresh backlash following the Netflix release of Beckham last week.

In the intimate documentary, both David Beckham and his wife Victoria reflected on the aftermath and how they had to adapt to life in Madrid when his alleged affair with Rebecca came to light in 2004.

Almost 20 years later, the Dutch model – who was the football star’s personal assistant – has once again faced criticism, with many taking to social media to share their thoughts. Despite the backlash, some have come to Rebecca’s defence.

One took to her Instagram comments and said: “Hope you’re ok in light of everything sweetheart, and sincerely hope everyone is kind to you these days xxx,” to which, Rebecca responded with a red heart emoji.

Another read: “Some of the comments on here are disgusting!!! Stay strong. You have a beautiful life with your gorgeous family which unlike others doesn’t have to fill the gaps by getting Netflix involved!!! Xx.”

Rebecca then replied defiantly: “Thank you [hands together emoji] am taking in the nasty comments with as much humour as I can [heart emoji].”

The mum-of-two had shared a picture of herself doing yoga, in which she reflected: “Hello October. Letting go and finding strength in the mountains of life.” According to MailOnline, Rebecca is now leading a very different life as a yoga teacher in Norway.


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