Post Split With Rickie Fowler, Jessica Korda Could Take Pointers From the 7-Month Pregnant LPGA Icon’s Grand Exit

Lindsey Weaver-Wright is seven months pregnant, and that did not stop her from playing in the Ascendant Championship this week. Not only did she take part in it, but she performed quite well, too. Although she missed the top-10 mark, she comfortably finished within the top-20 positions.



A shot from her final round in the event is online now, and it is dropping people’s jaws all over. The precision and the finesse with which Weaver carried the shot was nothing less than brilliant. While admiring the shot, our minds naturally jump to Jessica Korda’s recent withdrawal from an event because of pregnancy!



A recent video on the LPGA Tour’s Instagram handle shows Lindsey Weaver’s jaw-dropping shot to the hole ahead of her pregnancy break. The 30-year-old golfer is seven months pregnant, and this was her last tournament before she went on maternity leave. The caption on the video read “That’s one way to start maternity leave early! @lindseyweaver_ holes out on her final hole of her final tournament of the season at 7 months pregnant!”

She shot it from quite a distance and hit it hard and high. The ball landed reasonably close to the hole and wriggled its way into it. The fact this was at the very last hole of the final round, of her last tournament before the break, added to the loud cheer from onlookers around.


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