Romeo Beckham reportedly Brooklyn’s ‘peacemaker and shoulder to cry on’ amid ‘family feud’

Romeo Beckham, 20, has been cast in the role of “peacemaker” after a reported feud erupted between the two families, according to a source. It has also been claimed that Romeo’s attempts to ease the tension have made him and Brooklyn, 23, “much closer” as he lends a “shoulder to cry on”.



The source, published in The Mirror, claimed of David and Victoria Beckham’s middle son: “There is tension between the families and Brooklyn is torn down the middle.

“He feels conflicted and the result is he and Romeo have become much closer. Romeo has been his shoulder to cry on and his rock.”



They continued: “Romeo has also been talking to Nicola to try to smooth over the situation.

“It’s awful for Brooklyn that his marriage has started out with so much stress between his mother and his new bride. Nicola has demanded loyalty from him at all costs.”




Brooklyn and Nicola have always firmly denied any claim of a feud, while the Beckham matriarch, Victoria, 48, and her ex-footballer husband David, 47, have both kept a dignified silence.

However, claims have since emerged that 27-year-old Nicola was in floods of tears and even “stormed out” of the room on her wedding day during a speech made by singer Marc Anthony that showered love and praise on Victoria.




Eagle-eyed followers also noticed that, soon after the wedding, Victoria and Nicola promptly stopped liking and commenting on each other’s posts – something that had been a very regular occurrence before.


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