Affirming Rafael Nadal’s Romantic Tribute to Wife Maria, Exciting Reveal Divulges How the ‘Intimacy’-Fueled Project Had Kick-Started

From youthful romance to everlasting love! Rafael Nadal and his wife, Maria, came a long way in their romantic journey together. Every now and then, the 22-time Grand Slam champion never misses an opportunity to make his wife feel special. Last year, the Spaniard made the ultimate romantic gesture for his wife, unwilling the romantic side of him.

At that time, the former world number one made a special collaboration with Henry Jacques, a renowned perfume brand. But now, a year later, the daughter of Henry Jacques, made a huge revelation about the romantic gesture that Nadal pulled for his wife.

Last year, the 37-year-old tennis legend, along with his wife and Henry Jacques, created a special personalized perfume as a romantic gesture for the love of his life. But some time later, the couple thought of taking a step further and releasing their personal life favorite on the commercial market.

Nearly a year after this decision, Anne-Lise Cremona, the daughter of the perfume brand’s founder, opened a podcast interview with Rodeo Drive about the special collaboration. She said, “At that time, when he was happy with his perfume and Maria as well, we decided together that we could share the perfume.

“The bespoke perfume to more public so in fact, his collection is. Their collection is a bespoke perfume shared with the public and this is so beautiful because it’s a way for them to share a bit of their intimacy, but in a very beautiful way.”


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