Who Is Paige Spiranac’s Older Sister, Lexie? Meet the ‘Extremely Smart’ Sibling Who the American Diva Is Secretly Envious Of!

Paige Spiranac likes attention a lot. She can also turn that attention into a fan following and build a community of fans for herself. Which, in fact, she has already done. However, her sister is quite the opposite.

Lexie (Spiranac) Mitchell is Paige’s sister, and she even has her Instagram profile locked. The profile picture shows her holding her two kids. The siblings recently co-wrote a children’s book that they are promoting of late. We thought this might be a good time to discuss Lexie Mitchell and the things we know about her. Hop in!

Paige and Lexie come from an energetic and sports-loving family. Their father, Dan, was a footballer and their mother, Annette, was a professional ballerina. The sisters are about five years apart in age, with Lexie being the elder sister.

Dan Spiranac wanted her daughters to become pro golfers at some point. Although both of them made an attempt, Lexie gave up on golf almost as soon as she began. Paige stuck around for quite a while and then carved a different niche for herself later.


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