As Ugly Rumors Swirl Around Infamous Tiger Woods-Phil Mickelson Rivalry, a Revelation From Past Adds New Twist to Their Dynamic

Team captaincy remains a contentious topic in the golfing world, especially following America’s defeat in Rome, sparking intense conversations, with the position being debated to bits. Speculations are rife about Tiger Woods potentially replacing Luke Donald next season.

In the past, Phil Mickelson has also been considered for the position. The discussions dwindled swiftly after his involvement with the Saudi-backed LIV Golf circuit last year. Tiger and Mickelson may not be friends anymore but there was a time when they agreed on many things, including Ryder Cup captaincy.

Too much for both Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson
Davis Love, the two-time Ryder Cup captain, recently discussed Tiger Woods taking over as Ryder Cup captain in 2025 during a conversation at the PGA Tour Champions’ Furyk & Friends. Love expressed doubts that Woods would accept the captaincy, but also expressed hope that he would.

Love, who served as Team USA’s vice-captain this year in Rome, also mentioned having the captaincy conversation with Woods and Lefty Phil Mickelson back when he was Team America’s captain.

He said, “I remember a time when Tiger and Phil watched me do it and went, ‘Holy cow, I don’t know if we want to put that much time and effort into it.” Love adds, “It takes a lot out of you. Hopefully, we can talk [Woods] into it.”

Whether Woods will be the captain in 2025… we don’t know but the mention of Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods together brings to mind a slew of events that have occurred in the last two years, including the following one.


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