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‘A Terrific P***s’: A Rumored Salty $75,000,000 Patrick Cantlay LIV Golf Leak Slithers Out, Amid Bizarre Brooks Koepka Allegations

The controversial status between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf does not seem to be ending. This time it is about a book, however, LIV & Let Die, and certain comments made in that book about the eight-time PGA Tour winner Patrick Cantlay have since left the readers with a changed outlook about the controversial star!



It seems like Brooks Koepka, the sole player from LIV Golf in the recent Ryder Cup, might have had another LIV Golf partner in Cantlay at the prestigious event had the player’s desired LIV deal materialized. However, it wasn’t meant to be!



A shocking $75 million revelation about Patrick Cantlay comes to light
Recently, a tweet from Nuclr Golf spoke about an excerpt from Alan Shipnuck’s forthcoming book, “LIV & LET DIE.” The hot topic in the book was the negotiation acumen of PGA Tour player Patrick Cantlay.



Cantlay, a member of the tour’s board, is revealed to be a formidable negotiator, earning him a reputation as a tough player to work with. As per the book, one fellow player even bluntly described him as “a terrific pen*s,” highlighting his uncompromising approach.

What truly captures attention, however, is the claim that Cantlay turned down a jaw-dropping $75 million offer from LIV. While the details of this offer remain undisclosed, it raises intriguing questions about his valuation and negotiation strategies.


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