Meet Regina Rajchrtova: Nelly Korda’s Famous, Talented and Beautiful Mom

Nelly Korda, an icon in the world of golf, was able to place herself among the crème de la crème due to the exceptional skills she showcased on the course. The American boasts eight LPGA Tour wins, including a major victory in the 2021 Women’s PGA Championship, along with three LET wins, which are but examples of her unwavering confidence and determination. But while the golfer sees herself rising in the ranks of the golfing world, she owes a lot of her success to the immense support of her family, especially her beautiful mother, Regina Rajchrtova.

Every person needs a caring figure to support them through life, more so in the case of a talented and hardworking athlete who has made her mark in a sport like golf. Similarly, Korda has seen her mother play a crucial role in her life. Let us now take a closer look at the exceptional figure in the professional golfer’s life who has supported her throughout her career.

The American golfer was born to tennis stars Petr Korda and Regina Rajchrtova on July 28, 1998. Hailing from a family with a sporting background, they have had a big impact on her career as a golfer, especially her mother. While the Korda siblings have been taking center stage at the moment, Rajchrtova became popular much earlier, and not just because of her daughters’ achievements.

The golfer’s mother was a former professional tennis player who reached as high as No. 26 in the world ranking on April 1, 1991. Although she retired from the game after a knee injury, the Czech professional had a fifty percent win rate in the women’s singles category with a total of 69 wins in 139 matches from 1986 to 1992.


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