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Brother Jamie reveals how ‘quiet’ father ironed kits and ferried them to tournaments (but ‘pushy’ Judy gets the limelight)

Andy Murray’s brother Jamie Murray says their ‘quiet’ father has been just as crucial to their tennis success as ardent supporter mum Judy.

Speaking on Lorraine, doubles star Jamie, 33, older brother of British tennis ace Andy – currently out of the game injured, said their mother Judy often got all the headlines because she’s ‘in the public eye’ but that dad William was the one who would also ‘ferry’ the duo to tournaments and wash and iron their kit when they were younger.

The British tennis star, who’s launching a new YouTube channel as he looks to life after the game, said: ‘Mum’s in the public eye. My Dad, he was there for us, raised us as much as my mum.

Doubles ace Jamie Murray, older brother of British number one tennis player Andy, told Lorraine this morning that his father William, who divorced mum Judy in 2005, that his dad was crucial to their success as tennis players, with the boys living with him following the break-down of their parents’ marriage

British tennis ace Andy Murray with father William. While his dad, who’s re-married and leads a quiet life as a regional manager for newsagent RS McColl, doesn’t make the headlines as much as mum Judy, the parenting was shared equally, says brother Jamie

The 33-year-old doubles player, who’s launched his own YouTube channel offering everything from cooking to tennis tips, says because mum Judy is in the public eye, their dad is often seen as a ‘background’ figure in their lives but parenting was shared ‘equally’
He added: ‘We lived with him when my parents separated when we were younger.

He did a lot of the ferrying around to tournaments, all the washing and ironing – all the fun stuff I’m sure he enjoyed. He’s in the background but he’s a great dad to us.’

Mum Judy Murray, whose Twitter bio reads: ‘Tennis coach, pushy mum. allegedly’, has long been a firm fixture on the tennis sidelines, vocally supporting her sons in matches.

The 59-year-old star has carved out her own successful career and has an OBE for her services in tennis and promoting women in sport.

She’s also had a brief dalliance with reality television, appearing on Strictly Come Dancing in 2014.

Meanwhile dad William is a regional manager for newsagent RS McColl. The couple married in 1980 but divorced in 2005.

Judy Murray, who has her own successful tennis coaching career, and was awarded an OBE for services to the game has been a frequent fixture at her sons’ matches throughout their career

The star, married to fellow tennis player Alejandra Gutierrez, says he’d love to play doubles with his brother but that Andy’s ongoing recovery from a hip operation means it’s uncertain whether he’ll play on court professionally again

According to an interview William Murray did with the Daily Record, both brothers took their parents separation hard. Mr Murray said: ‘It ripped me apart to have to hurt them by telling them what I did. They were distraught.’

Jamie says some of his inspiration for his new YouTube channel, which sees him looking at a career after tennis, involved watching Gordon Ramsay cookery shows
Of their separation, William told the Daily Record: ‘I had to tell them that their mum was leaving home. It ripped me apart to have to hurt them by telling them what I did. They were distraught.

They are very different personalities but they took the news much the same way.’

Jamie, who’s new channel offers tips on everything from cooking to playing better doubles, also told Lorraine he hasn’t ruled out playing the game alongside his brother but that getting fit again was Andy’s first focus.

The two-time Wimbledon champion had surgery this year on his damaged hip and tearfully announced he might not play again during the Australian Open.

Jamie said: ‘He’s obviously gone through a lot. He’s doing his best with all the rehab to get as fit as he can. Nobody’s done that surgery and then come back.

‘It’s relatively new in the sporting world. We’ll just have to see. He’s not putting any pressure on himself.’


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