Why Did America Lose the 2023 Ryder Cup Foursomes? Jordan Spieth and Rickie Fowler Tactfully Give a Cryptic Remark

The 2023 Ryder Cup was nothing short of a disappointment for the American squad as they were defeated by a stunning performance by their European rivals. Moreover, the Zach Johnson-led team suffered what can be called a depressing set of foursomes at the biennial event, causing the entire golf world’s attention to be drawn to the same.

And at the center of the limelight were none other than the golfers Jordan Spieth and Rickie Fowler. The duo had played in the morning sessions and suffered a loss. But when asked about the same, the pair were careful in their reply and tactically answered the question of how to get better at the format by touching upon their “execution,” an abstruse response no less!

The American team could only manage a win from the first sessions on both days, while the Luke Donald-led group emerged victorious in the rest of the foursomes raking in a total of seven points from the two mornings. The team, especially Fowler and Spieth, were asked about how the squad could get better in the same during an interview post the match.

In the press conference, the disheartened 34-year-old mentioned how their rivals “made more putts” than them. Moreover, he added how the US team failed to take advantage of the chances offered to them as opposed to the Europeans, who did the opposite.


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