LPGA vs PGA Tour: Not a Bit Tad, But Unveiling All the Differences Between America’s Proud Golf Organizations

The only primary difference between the LPGA Tour and the PGA Tour is that they represent the two genders of the same sport, which is golf. Despite being the faces of the same sport, the two tours are poles apart, as one of the two is accredited high on the pedestal, whereas the other one is still fighting the unsung battles of popularity, on and off the course, both.

The clarity as to which of the tours is on a pedestal concerning factors such as winning purse, viewership, arrangements, broadcasting, and so on should be very appropriately known to the golf fraternity. Apart from the high differences in popularity, many other factors create a lot of differences between America’s two proud golf organizations.

LPGA Tour vs. PGA Tour: Is this the unsung battle of the golf fraternity?
It is a prevalent notion in the world of sports that women’s sports are less widespread and popular than men’s sports, and the fact that this alleged discrimination has spread its legs into the golf world as well speaks volumes. The LPGA Tour represents the female side of golf, whereas the PGA Tour stands strong, representing the males in the sport.

Despite being the faces of the same sport, there are plenty of distinctions between the two prideful organizations, such as the broadcasting of the events, prize money, event locations, and facilities for the golfers.

For instance, in terms of broadcasting, all the PGA Tour events, major events of men’s golf, and the prestigious Ryder Cup get far more attention and coverage from all the broadcast channels as compared to the female major tournaments, regular LPGA Tournaments, or the Ryder Cup’s sister tournament, the Solheim Cup.

The Solheim Cup is arguably just as prestigious and rewarding as the Ryder Cup for golf fans and the golf world, but the coverage that the event gets as compared to the men’s tournament is far less. Even the PGA Tour pros’ deafening silence to support their female compatriots in the national competition in Finca Cortesin this year has been quite disheartening to spectate.

One other major difference that comes into the picture when discussing the LPGA Tour vs. the PGA Tour is the facilities the golfers get while making their way outside of the country to compete.

For instance, this year, while the female golfers were traveling to Spain for the Solheim Cup, they used a commercial airline for travel purposes, and one of the golfers, Danielle Kang, lost her golf bag on the way. On the other hand, male golfers usually travel via charter planes for prestigious events such as the Ryder Cup.

Not just broadcasting, viewership, or travel arrangements, but there are many other factors, primarily prize money, that account for major differences between the two glorified golf associations of America.

Some of the other factors that are majorly different between the LPGA Tour, and the PGA Tour
One of the most significant differences between the two Tours is the winning purses that the events have.

Although there have been significant changes this year in the purses of LPGA Tour events, including the major tournaments and Solheim Cup, it is still far less than what the PGA Tour events have. For the first time, the season’s prize money has extended to over $100 million, but the game of catch-up with the PGA Tour is still on.

The prize money for the female major tournaments has largely increased as compared to earlier events, but the regular Tour events mostly still have stagnant prize money. Many other positive steps, such as the introduction of designated events and TGL, have been taken to propagate the male side of golf more, but allegedly no such initiatives are being proposed for female golfers.


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