‘Hate Going to..’ – Expressing Blatant Dislike for Time-Consuming ‘Hassle’, British Tennis Legend Andy Murray Opens Up on Wife’s Problem-Solving Approach

Andy Murray is fighting against all odds to up his game and enjoy a successful end to his illustrious career. He is currently participating in the Zhuhai Championships in China. The Brit defeated Chinese player Ye Cong Mo in straight sets in the first round. Now, he will face Russia’s Aslan Karatsev in his second round.

Despite a stellar performance, the former World No.1 made headlines for another peculiar reason. The Briton hates a ritual that is followed by millions of people. So, his wife, Kim Sears, does it for the Olympic star. Murray shared one thing he cannot tolerate, and regardless of how his wife does it for him, the Brit accepts it. When his colleagues teased the 36-year-old to reveal his reasons, Murray had to surrender.

The three-time Grand Slam champion’s wife supported him through thick and thin. When Murray was struggling with injury, Kim was his biggest moral support. For the woman who stood like a rock beside Murray, it is not as difficult to accept an unusual trait of the Brit. Next time you watch Murray play, notice his hair. Why? The Brit explained this in detail in a recent Q&A session with the ATP Tour.

The 46 singles titles winner answered questions from various colleagues as a part of ATP‘s ‘The Tour: Player Questions.’ In the video uploaded to the official ATP website, Jack Draper, Murray’s Davis Cup teammate, poked him to reveal how he gets a haircut. The World No.41 answered, “Usually it’s my wife that cuts my hair. I hate going to the hairdressers, get no enjoyment out of it at all and I find it a massive hassle.”

Murray recalled, “But my wife is often nagging me to go to the hairdressers and I just tell her if she wants me to get it cut, then she can cut it. And it took like an hour and 15 minutes and I was like, ‘This should be max 20 minutes for me, I’m not doing that again.’ So then she just started doing it with the clippers and the scissors.”


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