As Charlie Woods Steps Up for His Father’s Legacy, Here is a List of 5 of His Rivals Who Are Doing the Same

Being noticed while a player is still young can encourage the individual but it can mess with the mind as well. It really depends on how the individual handles it. Charlie Woods is going through a phase where all eyes are on him. He has this pressure to perform well and to carry himself properly in public. After all, he is the son of the legendary Tiger Woods. However, that is not all that he has to handle, though.

Charlie has some fierce competition to worry about. Here is a list of young golfers who are carrying the burden of their parent’s legacies and are potential rivals to the young Woods.

John Daly II is one of John Daly’s three sons. Apart from sharing his name with his father, Daly Jr also shares his appetite for success. He plays collegiate golf for the team Arkansas Razorbacks representing the University of Arkansas too, just like his father.

The father-son duo are regulars at the PNC tournament and they usually finish in the top ten. They beat Tiger Woods and Charlie at the PNC Championship 2022. Speaking of his 20-year-old son’s golf prowess, John Daly once commented that he couldn’t keep up with the young man.

2. Will McGee
Sharing his love for golf with his mother Annika Sorenstam, Will has already put some achievements on the board next to his name. The PNC has helped golf fans recognize some talented star kids, and this one is surely one among them. He shot a 6-foot birdie at the latest PNC and was highly appreciated for that.

Annika Sorenstam’s 11-year-old son Will McGee out here walking in putts in Jordans. Most swag in the field.@PNCchampionship @ANNIKA59 @MikeMcGeeAnnika

— Jeff Eisenband (@JeffEisenband) December 17, 2022

Last year at the Pinehurst Resort’s par-3 course, The Cradle, McGee scored a hole-in-one and surprised everyone big time. Sorenstam proudly described how he shot it from 50 yards. This was when he was a mere 11 years old.

3. Luke Poulter
Luke Poulter is only 19 years old, but he has already done something many prominent golfers have tried and failed. He beat Ian Poulter. Of course, one would naturally come to the assumption that a son winning over his dad is a sweet thing, but not serious. But the way Poulter senior put it, it sounded as if he doesn’t take competition lightly even from his son.

Let’s look at some of his achievements so far. The teenager won the Willow Cup in 2022 as an amateur and has also received the Orlando Sentinel Player of the Year in 2021. Most recently, he finished 22nd in the International Series England as a pro. He has quite an impressive profile, from the looks of it. However, it’s not just Luke Pouler that Charlie Woods has to worry about. There is another Poulter kid in the golf scene.

Charlie Woods & Joshua Poulter.. the future of golf? ????️‍♂️ Who’s son did you think had the most game at the PNC? ????

???? – @ianjamespoulter @pncchampionship

— Clubhouse Golf (@ClubhouseGolf) December 21, 2021

Ian Poulter has readied two rivals for Charlie Woods, so it seems. Luke’s younger brother Joshua also has a keen interest in golf, apparently. The picture that Charlie Woods and Joshua Poulter took at the 2021 PNC event was quite adorable and indicative of the future of golf.

4. Karl Stenson
Karl Stenson and his father Henrik Stenson also took part in PNC 2021. He was quite charming as he unintentionally emulated his father’s mannerisms as the dad fondly watched his son. Although very young, he could impress the audience with an eagle putt during the event.

Speaking of his father’s game at the PNC, Karl cutely commented that “it was not too great..not too bad” with his hands holding his hips. If the boy imbibes his father’s ball-striking skills as well, he could be a killer golfer.

5. Evan Samuel Mickelson
Evan is the youngest child of Lefty Phil Mickelson and the only son. While Mickelson’s daughters did not take an interest in golf, Evan has taken a massive liking to the sport. He was reportedly taking golf lessons and playing minor leagues.

However, there have been no updates about his life in recent years. He doesn’t show up in the social media scene either. It’s possible that the young man has taken some time off. Still, Charlie has to watch out for him.


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