Aryna Sabalenka reveals when real change, growth in her game happened

Aryna Sabalenka shares some interesting revelations about the evolution of her game and when success came. The Belarusian player claimed that the real changes in her game happened when she stopped trying to just hit the ball as hard as she could.

Sabalenka, 25, has a big and powerful game. Early in her career, Sabalenka was trying to outpower her opponent on the court. Although that style of play made Sabalenka one of the best in the game, she still wasn’t winning Grand Slams or being ranked at No 1 in the world.

But after improving in the tactical part and getting a better understanding of how to play in certain moments, Sabalenka elevated her game and became a Grand Slam champion and the world No 1 this year. “Before, I tried to hit the ball as hard as I could with my forehand.

No one explained to me well all the tactical variants I could apply. I know that when I hit hard most of my opponents have to block my shots, but I also made too many mistakes and it frustrated me. Everything changed when they recommended that I put more spin on the ball, that I look for changes in height at certain moments.

I worked a lot on that and it’s fantastic to see the results coming,” Sabalenka said.

Sabalenka progressing in Beijing
On Tuesday, Sabalenka claimed a straight-set win over world No 56 Katie Boulter but it was harder than anticipated as the Belarusian beat the Briton in two tight sets 7-5 7-6 (2).

After the match, Sabalenka admitted she just “kept fighting” when it mattered the most. “In the key moments I played a little bit better than her. I think it was all about the last games in each set. I mean, she had the opportunity.

I’m super happy that I didn’t give her easily those sets. I was keep fighting, keep trying,” Sabalenka said after beating Boulter.


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