According to reports, Victoria Beckham “is now chipping in and happy to celebrate a landmark 30 years of girl power”. This is a significant development for fans of the Spice Girls, as Victoria has previously been hesitant about getting back on stage. However, the occasion of the 30th anniversary seems to have prompted a change of heart.

Many admire David Beckham‘s wife Victoria Beckham for her foray in different fields. The 49-year-old has made her mark in the worlds of fashion, music, and philanthropy. She recently turned a lot of eyeballs with her Spring Summer 2024 line at Paris Fashion Week. Surprisingly, one of her muses at the fashion show was ‘Baywatch’ star Pamela Anderson. While she was in Paris, Anderson also showered heaps of praise on Victoria for being a strong and successful woman.

The 56-year-old commended ‘Posh Spice’ for her tremendous achievements in the fashion business. The mutual respect between two influential women in the entertainment industry was highly visible in Anderson’s words. Let’s dive deeper to know what exactly the model said about Victoria.

The iconic actress Pamela Anderson made an unexpected appearance at Paris Fashion Week on Friday. She captured the attention of the media as she looked stunning in a floral dress and opted for a makeup-free look. When asked about her attire, the renowned model said to a media person, “Well, Victoria Beckham. Something kind of feminine, whimsical, which is kind of my mood these days.” The ‘Blonde and Blonder’ star was extremely happy to wear an outfit that resonates with her personality, designed by Victoria.

During the latter part of the conversation, Anderson praised the former soccer star’s wife. She added, “Such a strong woman. She is the queen of reinvention which is really inspirational, I think. There is so much about her that I resonate with. I respect and just want to be here to show my support and love. I love she has built some of her brand about, romance and love and her relationship.” The Canadian-American actress also mentioned how gracefully Victoria handles her relationship with David Beckham.


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