Moments After Ryder Cup Humiliation Left Her Heartbroken, Paige Spiranac Recovers to Spill the Beans on a Sizzling New Update

This year’s Ryder Cup results did not rule in USA’s favor. This led to an array of disappointment amongst Team America and its supporters. One such supporter is the Golf Beauty, Paige Spiranac.

Spiranac had been very vocal about her support for Team USA. Following the result of the recently conducted Ryder Cup, Paige Spiranac was left heartbroken. However, the golf diva had other plans lined up to deal with her current situation. She has recently come up with news to keep golf fans buzzing.

Grief over the loss of the prestigious Ryder Cup surrounds Team America and its fans. However, in order to ease the pain of her followers following Team America’s defeat in the Ryder Cup, Paige Spiranac has come up with a sharp pink update that is sure to distract fans from the result. The social media sensation never fails to serve her audience with the exciting news.

Recently, Paige shared a picture of a pink color golf bag that would be the perfect fashion statement for anyone who wants to be the golf barbie for the day. However make no mistake, it’s not just the looks that this bag delivers. It also provides the user with high functionality and utility.

Spiranac wrote, “I helped design this bag. I love how it turned out!” Truly, the list of this golf beauty’s talents is unending. This product was made in collaboration with Bag Boy, which is the number one push cart in golf.


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