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Simon Cowell’s ex Sinitta talks moment she discovered their ‘psychic’ connection: ‘Weird’

SIMON COWELL’S ex-girlfriend and close friend Sinitta has opened up about the “weird” moment she discovered their “psychic” connection after she fell ill with coronavirus earlier this year, in an exclusive interview with

Sinitta, 52, has revealed her ex-boyfriend Simon Cowell, 61, instinctively knew she had contracted the coronavirus before she shared the news with him. The So Macho hitmaker admitted that she hadn’t been in contact with the Britain’s Got Talent judge for a couple of weeks at the time, as she was trying to rest and recover.

Speaking exclusively to about the “weird” moment, Sinitta recalled: “It was really weird because you know how I said I just slept for a couple of weeks?

“So I hadn’t been in touch and usually we text or call and he called me and he said, ‘You’ve got it, haven’t you?’ Not even hello first!

“And he said, ‘I knew it, I b****y knew it, I can just tell when something’s wrong with you.’”

Sinitta went on to explain that her close friendship with the music mogul gives them a “psychic” connection.

She continued: “I think when you’re very close friends it’s like siblings, isn’t it?

“You have a funny dream or something and you think I’d better give them a call and then they’ll go, ‘You’ll never believe it, but at that time we’d just swerved a car or this happened or that happened.’

“We do have that kind of psychic thing.”

Sinitta also addressed her concerns about catching the deadly virus.


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