‘Making of Greatness’: Golf Fans ‘Root’ for Charlie Woods as Old Similar Tiger Woods Mannerism Clips Goes Viral

Tiger Woods and the young Charlie Woods have garnered a lot of attention lately. Whether it is the teachings from the 15-time major winner to his son or the dynamic on-course relationship they share in their “own world,” every detail has been closely followed by the golf enthusiasts. Amidst this, the comparison between the two comes naturally.

Hence, a two-year-old video of the PGA Tour featuring the father-son duo and their uncannily similar mannerism becomes hard to miss. The association and similarities are something every Tiger Woods fan will love to see again, especially given the hiatus he has been on since April.

In a Twitter post from 2020, the PGA Tour official account uploaded a comparison video of legendary Tiger Woods and his then 11-year-old son Charlie Woods. Captioning the tweet “Copy Cat” with a Tiger emoji attached, the Tour had reflected upon the “unbelievable” similarities between the father-son duo.

While the video started by comparing their standing style while waiting for a shot or the way both of them constantly adjust their caps, the clip soon highlighted the similarities on the golf course between the two as well. It can be seen how both men of the Woods clan take a good amount of time before hitting the ball, angling in their clubs in a matching style, though the free flow in the hands of Tiger Woods surely exceeds that of his young son.

As the video mentions “like father like son,” both the PGA Tour Professional and his son can be seen celebrating two great shots with a fist bump. In a hilarious scene following that, where Tiger Woods and his teenage son can be seen playing together, the duo is witnessed to be moving in an eerily identical way with a matching leg movement, astonishing the golf world.

The upload overall is a combination of such moments that brought shock to the viewers in terms of how identical the two golf lovers are, on and off the course. If not for the height difference, the identification of the two from the back would be a challenge.


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