America’s Got Talent’s Simon Cowell loves mother-son fire act as fan slam ‘dangerous’ show

Ray Wold and his mom performed their terrifying fire act on the first live shows of America’s Got Talent.

Throughout the act, Ray had his clothes and hat on fire as he threw a lasso around that was also in flames.

He also threw flaming arrows at a target, and even put chains around his neck and wrist as he got into a bathtub with water in it.

His mother, Corrine, then poured gasoline on it, and it lit up in flames.

In a rush, Ray had to get himself out of the chains and above the water to prevent being burnt.

Corinne even put her behind on fire one time before walking to a bucket of water and sitting on it.

Judge Howie Mandel found it too much, and pressed the buzzer for the act, while Simon Cowell loved it.

Howie explained: “I love my mom and if you love your mom, you don’t set her on fire. It’s just wrong.”

Simon called the act “beautiful” and concluded: “Where else are you going to see a mom setting her son on fire? I’ve never seen this before, and that’s why I love this act.”


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