Russian Tennis Beauty Maria Sharapova Awakens Her Inner Junk Food Lover as She Cheekily Reacts to a Fan Message

Being a professional tennis player requires a lot of fitness and dedication. Players from across the world have to restrict themselves to a particular diet schedule to be at the top of their game. However, not all cravings can be controlled, as seen with former tennis ace Maria Sharapova.

The legendary Russian player, who retired from the game in 2020 always finds a way to interact and stay connected with her fans through various social media platforms. In a recent display, Sharapova took the chance to talk about her favorite junk food while a fan spoke about her recent podcast.

In a recent podcast episode with Andrea Petkovic, Maria Sharapova’s presence thrilled a listener. The fan expressed his fascination with her, claiming he could even listen to Sharapova reciting the McDonald’s menu. This comes after the podcast’s huge success and the soothing voice that the Russian beauty has. Sharapova, known for her dedication to fitness and a strict diet, surprised her fans with a humorous response. She tweeted, “Did someone say chicken nuggets?”

This tweet by Sharapova reveals a side of her that still craves junk food. Despite being a professional tennis player and a model, fitness is something that is her priority. However, her recent temptation suggests that even players can crave junk food sometimes. Shedding light on her fast food choices, she went ahead to list her favorite fast food that would eat if she could.


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