Nasty Novak Djokovic Jibe Backfires as Fans Rip Apart ‘Attention-Seeking’ Andy Murray After Viral Shanghai Masters Clip

It was the 2014 Shanghai Masters. Roger Federer was up against Novak Djokovic in the semifinals of the tournament. During that match, an unfortunate incident caught the tennis world’s attention. While the Swiss Maestro was at the net in one of the rallies, Djokovic hit a forehand so hard that Federer took his eyes away from the ball which hit his body. The latter wasn’t too pleased with the incident and walked towards the baseline without making any eye contact. Recently, the video of that incident went viral on social media to which Andy Murray reacted.

The British star wasn’t too pleased with the incident and slammed Djokovic with a sarcastic jibe. However, the latter’s fans hit back hard.

The official Instagram handle of Tennis TV shared the video from the 2014 Shanghai Masters featuring Federer and Djokovic. Reacting to it, Murray said that it was a legitimate play from Djokovic there, and it was indeed a great shot. However, he also recalled that Nole was complaining while being on the receiving end of a similar shot against Nadal in Canada and Norrie in Rome.

The Djokovic fandom did not let this cutting remark pass easily and doubled down on the Brit. His jibe was heavily criticized by loyal fans of the Serb.

One fan wrote, “Murray doesn’t even have a point, he is just his usual attention-seeking salty self. Did Djokovic question the legitimacy? No, he didn’t…”


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