Andy Murray receives test results after US Open preparations blighted by mysterious issue

Andy Murray has been left in the dark over his cramping issues ahead of the US Open. The two-times Wimbledon champion underwent sweat testing to see if a cause for the problem could be found.


Murray appeared to struggle with cramping at the Cincinnati Open, where he was beaten by fellow Brit Cameron Norrie in the last-32. He was hoping that a sweat test would reveal what was causing the problem.

However, Murray has now explained that the test was ‘all good’ and showed no cause for his cramping. A blood test has also left the Scot in the dark.




“It was all good,” a bewildered Murray said. “Sweat test was good. Blood test was good. No illnesses.”

Murray now believes his problem is caused by a conditioning or hydration deficiency, even though he has never usually been deterred by hot weather. The 35-year-old explained that it is ‘nice’ to know it is not a serious biological problem.




“I think it would be nice if you were one thing, you were deficient in something, maybe it is because of that,” he said.

“But at least I know now it is more down to either conditioning or hydration or food-related. That is something I can obviously control a little bit as well.

“But I feel like I am in decent shape so that it is why it is concerning. I don’t really know why it has happened. Last few days in practice I have actually felt a bit better in the conditions and everything so hopefully I will be all right on Monday.”


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