‘Never a Good Idea’: Golf Fans Left Triggered After LIV Golf Faces a Supposed Major Setback by $29,000,000,000 Worth Giant

LIV Golf’s initiation has altered the world of golf. For better or worse, the players who made the decision to make the move have also had to face career-altering changes following their choice. The LIV Golf League has surely had its share of hurdles since day one.



Recently, in the midst of a merger between the PGA TOUR and LIV Golf, there’s been news that the sports apparel and footwear giant, Adidas, has taken legal recourse against LIV Golf. But what is the underlying reason for this opposition? Let’s dive in.



As per recent news, Adidas, the $29.18 billion sports powerhouse is suing the Greg Norman-led LIV Golf league. Further, it is trying to block five of LIV Golf’s trademark applications. This is because Adidas is claiming that their famous black and white three-striped logo and LIV Golf’s black and white four-striped logo look almost the same.

According to Adidas, this can lead to confusion in representing both the brands involved. Thus, it has sought legal action in its attempt to block LIV Golf from getting a trademark of its logo, as it closely resembles Adidas’s own logo, in their opinion.


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