As the Solheim Cup Ends in an Upsetting Stalemate For the Americans, Jessica Korda Boldly Interjects With a One-Word Message

The Korda sisters were a formidable duo when it came to the Solheim Cup. As we all know, the 2023 edition concluded yesterday with defending champions Europe retaining the cup after a 14-14 tie, a first in the event’s history.



It was a major disappointment for the Americans, particularly after they had won the first four matches in the opening session on Friday. Jessica Korda, who was absent this year due to her pregnancy, still played a crucial role in extending moral support to her sister Nelly Korda.



Carlota Ciganda’s victory over the American standout Nelly Korda secured the 14 points needed to ensure Europe’s cup retention. Lexi Thompson then won the last singles game for the US to make it 14-all. However, this result left the American side discontented, and Jessica Korda called for a significant change in the Solheim Cup format.



A tweet posted on Twitter suggested, “Ties are lame, pick two girls and let’s go play it off.” Jessica Korda, who boasts 121,000 followers on Twitter, endorsed this sentiment by retweeting it with a ???? emoji.



The larger question and debate now revolves around the fact whether or not the Solheim Cup should have a clause to enforce a play-off in case of a tie.

Jessica Korda, despite going through challenging times herself, followed the event all through three days. Being a true sport, she extended her congratulations to the hosts for making a strong comeback in the event. Carlota Ciganda was particularly praised in the wake of her win over her sister.

What a moment for Carlota Ciganda!
After Europe’s historic show at the 2023 Solheim Cup, American veteran Jessica Korda celebrated a pivotal moment from the match-up on Instagram.

Korda shared a post from the official LPGA account on her Instagram story, featuring a video of Carlota Ciganda making her final putt, captioned “Carlota claims the Cup”. Korda shared the video on her story and added, “What a moment for @carlotagolf to retain the cup.”

Carlota Ciganda’s victory played a crucial role in Team Europe’s retention of the cup. It was her 2&1 victory over Nelly that ensured that the hosts wouldn’t lose the match-up with a 14-13 lead.


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