Amid Extending Her Silence, Paige Spiranac Finds Solace In Secret Admirer to Forget Torments of the Past

Paige Spiranac is well known for her vibrant, daring, and stunning personality. She has been a trailblazer for golf influencers. Spiranac is always ahead of the game when it comes to predicting golf or any other sport.

While why she hasn’t mentioned anything about the ongoing Solheim Cup remains a question, the blonde is enjoying her time at an event. She even found a new admirer amidst all the tension of the international event, who called her “dope” and won her over!

The Solheim Cup has begun, and the players are playing ferociously. Team US made history on day one by knocking Team Europe in a 4-0 clean sweep in foursomes. Such a feat amazed the entire golf world.

Spiranac, who usually shares her predictions and reactions to events on social media, was dead silent about it all. Instead, the golf beauty seemed focused on enjoying herself at the Breezy Golf Invitational, as per her Instagram story.

It seems that the influencer has distanced herself from the drama of the past. She was promoting her new-found collaboration, JetFuel Energy. Grooving with Spiranac was Roger Steele, a golf influencer himself. He met Paige and was instantly impressed and stunned. Steele even went on to post story after story of meeting with the blonde beauty and their interactions, and he even called the golf mommy “dope”.

It seems like, despite remaining mum about the Solheim Cup, Spiranac hasn’t stopped living her regular, joyous life. She’s still enjoying her outings and basking in the light of the sport, just away from the spotlight of the prestigious women’s tournament. But why?


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