Andy Murray: Tennis ace reveals whiter and straighter teeth at London Marathon 2019

Sir Andy Murray, 31, attended the London Marathon 2019 at the weekend and his teeth appeared whiter and straighter than ever.

The tennis champion, who pressed the button to start the Elite Men’s Race, revealed a neat set of gnashers when he smiled for pictures.

According to the Scottish Sun, the sportsman has spent thousands of pounds to fix his crooked teeth.

A subtle difference can be seen when comparing photographs from earlier in his career when he sported a small gap between his two front teeth.

The British tennis player, who is the only person to win two Olympic Gold medals in the sport, is currently recovering from hip surgery.

Following the Australian Open back in January, Andy underwent hip resurfacing surgery after suffering for a long time with a painful injury.

The Wimbledon champion posted from his hospital bed on social media as he recovered from the long-awaited operation.

He shared images of himself in a blue hospital gown with his 1.6 million Instagram followers as well as an X-Ray showing his metal hip.


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