‘Never Heard a Stadium So..’- A Year After Serena Williams’ Tearful Farewell to Tennis at the US Open, Her Former Hitting Partner Revisits a ‘Special’ Experience

Up to last year, thinking about not having Serena Williams as a part of tennis would give goosebumps to tennis fans. But when she retired from the sport at the US Open, everything changed. It was the first time that the whole world bowed in front of the Queen of the Courts for her amazing success on the tennis court.

And now, almost a year after the unforgettable moment, her ex-hitting partner, Jarmere Jenkins, recalled the very precious moments when the 41-year-old American tennis legend ruled the courts for the last time at the 2022 US Open.

The 32-year-old retired American professional tennis player recently appeared on the Black Spin Global Podcast and talked about his current tennis situation, including what it’s like to be a part of Coco Gauff’s coaching team.

But that was not the major highlight of the podcast; you also highlighted his experience from last year’s US Open, where Serena did her last dance on the tennis court.

He said, “For me personally, walking into the stadium for those parts of matches with Serena, I have never seen a stadium; I have never heard a stadium so loud. Every single person in the stadium was cheering for Serena. Man, it’s crazy to think back on those times because it’s kind of like you had no choice.”

Along with that, he also highlighted how tennis players should be prepared for every situation; not knowing which warm-up or match on the tennis court can be the last of a person’s career Subsequently, he also revealed how the feeling of being a part of that crowd was unmatchable and something that he had never experienced before.

Back in 2021, according to the USTA, Jenkins revealed how working with the 41-year-old American tennis legend has opened a lot of doors and opportunities for him down the road for his future. Along with that, he also reflected on how whenever he steps on the court with Serena, the pressure at that moment is sometimes too hard to handle.

Along with that, he also disclosed that she is one of those tennis legends who has never taken days off and prepared with consistency to achieve an amazing level of excellence, making her who she is today.


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