‘No Disrespect to Blockie’: Rory McIlroy Puts His Foot Down Months After This PGA Pro Made Controversial Remarks About Him

The amount of love and adoration that comes the Northern Irish professional golfer’s way is truly incomparable. So everyone was obviously taken aback when Michael Block made a controversial statement about the legendary Rory McIlroy’s game. Fans from around the world responded promptly to Michael’s remarks.

And now McIlroy has also broken his silence after months. During a podcast recently, the host asked Rory about the comparison drawn by Michael Block. Rory responded in a polite but strong way, defending his reputation and legacy in the world of golf.

The four-time Major Champion was paired with Michael Block to play the final round of the 2023 PGA Championship. In a post-game interview, Block was asked about the difference between his game and Rory’s. The way he responded came off as offensive to Rory’s global fanbase and Block faced backlash for the same.

Recently, during Rory’s appearance on the GOLF Subpar podcast, he was asked about his response to Michael’s statement. He responded in a very clear and crisp way. Even though he chose kindness, he also made sure to give a powerful response.


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