‘Commander in Cheat’: Former POTUS Donald Trump’s ‘Easy Work on the Greens’ Draws Outrageous Reactions From Golf World

If there’s one thing that the entire golf world has found fascinating, it’s the golf game of former President Donald Trump. From the ex-POTUS’ ‘Shankelson’ moment to claiming he shot 67 to win a club tournament, his golf accolades are hard to miss. And fans around the world are constantly keeping their eyes out for other such instances that take place when Trump takes to the course to play a game of golf.

The senior golfer did not disappoint, as another clip of the 77-year-old hit the internet not too long ago. The video showcasing the American politician went ahead to blow up on social media, drawing in a frenzy of reactions from the golf community and surprising many.

The love Donald Trump has for the game of golf has been evident ever since his grand opening of the various chains of golf courses. He has been an avid golfer even before his presidential years and continues to be so even today. Taking his fondness for the game forward, the businessman was seen playing the sport in one of his courses a little while back.

The video posted on NUCLR GOLF shows the ex-POTUS taking a gimme on the greens. But what was surprising is that the distance from the hole seemed to be long enough to miss, thereby casting doubt on the ‘unmissable short putt’. Calling his friends generous would be an understatement, it seems!


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