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Eugenie Bouchard candidly reacts to Novak Djokovic’s latest Slam win at US Open

Eugenie Bouchard suggested Novak Djokovic makes winning Grand Slams look easy following the Serb’s latest accomplishment. On Sunday, Djokovic saw off Daniil Medvedev 6-3 7-6 (5) 6-3 in the US Open final for his 24th Grand Slam title.

In men’s tennis, Djokovic owns an all-time record of 24 Grand Slams. In all of tennis, Djokovic is now tied with Margaret Court with 24 Slams. “Like it’s nothing. What a legend,” Bouchard captioned her Instagram Story.

Djokovic wins his 24th Slam, gets congratulated by Bouchard
After winning his third Grand Slam of the season, Djokovic confirmed he is not planning to retire anytime soon.

Also, 36-year-old Djokovic joked he will be around for 23 or 24 more years. “I feel good in my own body. I still feel I got the support of my environment, of my team, of my family. Knowing that I play at such a high level still and I win the biggest tournaments in this sport, I don’t want to leave this sport if I’m still at the top, you know, if I’m still playing the way I’m playing.

Eventually one day I will leave tennis in about 23, 24 years. And there is going to be new young players coming up. Until then, I guess you’ll see me a bit more,” Djokovic said. When it comes to his Grand Slam numbers, Djokovic insists there is not a specific number that he is targeting.

“I don’t put any number right now in my mind on how many slams I want to win until the end of my career. I don’t really have any number. I’ll continue to prioritize them as my most important tournaments and where I want to play the best tennis.

So that will not change. That will stay the same in the next season or I don’t know how many more seasons I have in my legs. So let’s see,” Djokovic said.


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